Here's a feel-good story that will hopefully help pet owners who are missing their fur babies to stay hopeful.

Gabrielle Fox moved into a new place at Holly Ridge Apartments in February. Her beloved kitty named Lula was a bit stressed out with the move and decided to bolt while the door was open.

via Gabby Fox
via Gabby Fox

Gabby posted about Lula all over social media and said that, with the cold weather we'd had, she had lost hope that Lula would come back alive.

Then, yesterday, she got a phone call - a woman said that a cat, who looked like Lula, had been hanging out in her neighborhood. The cat would sit in her flower bed and was being fed by neighbors. Sure enough, the cat came back, and Gabby was there to confirm that it WAS Lula!

The two have been reunited and we couldn't be more happy about this ending.

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