Burton Police need your help identifying this man. According to their Facebook post earlier today this man was checking to make sure all the car doors were locked in Northern Burton. He was in the Calvert Park are in Burton.

The man is seen in the photo wearing Nike shoes and a sweatshirt with a Houston Texans logo on the left side. According to the Burton Police Department, several cars in that area were rummaged through.

If you recognize this person you should call the Burton Police Department at 810-742-2542, or you can message them on their Facebook page.

I would normally remind everyone not to leave anything valuable in your car, especially overnight, but it is hard this time of year. I finished up my Christmas shopping last night and had no choice but to leave a few presents in my car so they wouldn't be seen before I wrapped them. I did make sure I locked my car and the gifts were well hidden though.

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