I have never thought that America would have been better off if Hillary Clinton had won the highly contentious 2016 Presidential Election. The so called #NeverTrump crew never made much sense to me. They loudly proclaimed that somehow Clinton would be a better choice for President. Their proclamations were over the institutional knowledge of the long corrupt journey of Hillary Clinton in the public square.

They ignored all of Hillary’s obvious impairments to serving in The Oval Office because they despised the idea of Donald Trump becoming Commander in Chief.

To this day I have never said to myself, “I wish Hillary was President”.

In fact, if the Trump Presidency ended today it was worth it to me. The biggest factor in all of it from my perspective was elevating conservative, originalist judges to serve on Federal Court benches. Controlling the border and getting illegal immigration under control was a close second. Rolling back over-reaching insidious regulations comes in as an important consideration as well.

Donald Trump is far more conservative than any other President in my lifetime in his policies but not in his personal behavior. The one major disconnect that could lead to the downfall of this administration are personal failings of the most human kind. Extramarital affairs and trying to hide them have left wreckage across humanity from the beginning of time and this may prove to be the same kind of tawdry mess.

Cheating on your spouse is and always has been a matter of character or a lack thereof. For the record however, that is a conversation to be held between the two at the center of the problem. It is not my concern whether or not the President cheated on his wife, except to say it may indicate other shortcomings. I also had no illusions about who was being elected President with my support. I was fully aware that Donald Trump was an ego-centric billionaire with a pension for exotic women.

Those dalliances however could be the downfall of this White House. There is nothing here about Russia, or working with a ‘foreign power’ to influence the outcome of the election and there likely never will be. That was just the allegation that allowed a swarm of lawyers to flood The Swamp searching for any end of Trump’s Presidency- that would justify their means.

I told you from the first day we became aware of the allegations from Stormy Daniels that she had a sexual tryst with The President and that he paid her to keep silent about the encounter, that it would be far more problematic than anything involving Russia. I told you from day one that the allegations of sexual encounters with other women would also come.

The bottom line on November 8, 2016 was that millions of Americans were disenchanted with the state of politics inside Washington DC and they chose a morally suspect narcissist to fight  for something new. They wanted a new day in Washington where a politician would fight for them and keep the promises made on the campaign trail. They didn’t want a career politician but a new face with a new attitude.

Those that voted for Donald Trump got all of those things and a lot more. They got those things in spades both good and bad.

In the end however it may be the oldest sin of all, adultery that is the unraveling of this President.

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