I'm continuously amazed by the free stuff that you can find online.

AJ is much bigger into selling online than I am; if I want to sell something, I give it to her and she does it for me. However, every once in a while, I start perusing the "free stuff" section of Facebook marketplace and I'm always intrigued by what I can find.

Today, I found stuff to start my own church. Yes, really.

Restoration Bethel Ministries on Darling Street in Flint is giving away free church pews. Yep, you read that right - David Rogers posted the item(s) a day ago. Click HERE to see the listing.

Our church is giving away free pews that are in Good condition. There are 22 pews at 11 feet long. (First come first Serve)

We haven't contacted the seller but there's a good chance that the pews are already gone; stuff that gets listed for free has a short shelf life. Shocking, right? (sarcasm)

So let's say that you pick up the pews. Now, you need an organ. No problem - Facebook marketplace has that covered for free, too. Kevin Tay of Grand Blanc posted a Baldwin organ about three weeks ago and it's still up for grabs - click HERE to see the full listing.

via Facebook Marketplace
via Facebook Marketplace

Look at that! You've got the makings for your own house of worship, and they're all FREE! Now, if you're actually looking for a physical CHURCH building, those are NOT free and are hard to come by; however, there are two for sale right now in Genesee County.

Happy bargain hunting!

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