Two Ohio waitresses had a great day at work when a group of 16 diners left them a $1,400 tip.

The group, known as the "Breakfast Santas," each put $100 in a gift bag as they ate breakfast at a Bob Evans restaurant in Beavercreek. After the bill was paid, they gifted the remaining cash to their servers.

"We love you and you did a good job," a spokesman for the group told the waitresses.  "And we just want you to know that there are really good people in this world who care about other people."

Lisa Tudor and Susan Best tell they are both single mothers. They shared the tip with the restaurant's cook who had prepared all the food. All of them were extremely grateful for the generosity.

“Christmas is pretty lean sometimes,” Tudor said. “It is based on our customers and how much they leave on the table.”

The Breakfast Santas say they chose to make their gift in a restaurant near Dayton because the area had been hit particularly hard by tornadoes earlier this year.

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