During a visit to Flint on Monday, Congressman Dan Kildee met with community leaders where cleaning up neighborhoods and youth employment were topics of discussion.

According to ABC 12, the meeting took place at Joy Tabernacle Church and was hosted by Pastor Robert McCathern. The focus was on the Civic Park neighborhood and its youth. A group of young people from the area were brought in to talk about what they're currently doing: volunteering, and cutting grass and working on homes to help fix up the community in which they live.

Of the neighborhood youth working to make a difference there, Kildee said "cleaning up the abandoned property, but also giving some hope to these young people that are so much a part of it.If we can see the kind of reinvestment this place needs, I think there's not a community in this country that can't benefit from what we learn here. It's really important."

Kildee also talked about the legislation he introduced to expand summer youth employment and wanting to get the message down "to my friends in Washington so they understand there are young people ready to work, they just need the opportunity."