Incredible!  What else can you say?

It should have been easier than this.  Cabrera is slumping and the Tigers are getting it done with unlikely sluggers.  Today it was Brandon Inge.  Yesterday it was Gerald Laird.  But tonight, it was all about the best pitcher in baseball: Justin Verlander.

Were you surprised Leyland didn't pull him in the 9th inning?  No?  Not even after he hit Escobar?  I was.  I guess Leyland didn't want to take another chance.  I don't think he would have put Papa Grande in even if he hadn't thrown 21 pitches the day before.  That just made it easy to do what needed to be done: leave the best pitcher in the game today on the mound to win the game.   After throwing 127 pitches, here come four 100 mph fastballs and an 88 mph change-up.  Game over.  Tigers defeat Kansas City, 3-2, to win the opener of this series.  Incredible indeed.

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