For a guy, finding the right Valentine’s Day gift for his beloved can be a challenge. And if a new online survey is to be believed, it just got a little harder — women say the stand-by chocolates and flowers simply won’t do.

A new survey of 1,200 singles by the dating site showed 58 percent women consider those traditional gifts to be “too cliché,” saying they prefer something with more thought behind it.

But whatever you do, don’t skip the card. While a majority of men surveyed said they don’t like getting mushy Valentine’s Day cards, 65 percent of the women surveyed said they’d be thrilled to get one.

More of the (sometimes unromantic) survey results:

  • 72 percent of men and 58 percent of women say Valentine’s Day is an ideal setting for a first date
  • 62 percent of singles say any day other than Cupid’s favorite holiday is the best time for a romantic date
  • 49 percent of singles say a lack of pressure is the best thing about being single on Feb. 14, adding, “I don’t have to plan anything, buy anything, or get dressed up.”
  • 36 percent of singles say they like being single on Valentine’s Day because they don’t feel forced into a manufactured sense of romance
  • 16 percent of singles say being uncoupled on the romantic day is great if for no other reason than it’s simply “less expensive”

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