The staffing problem continues for area restaurants and bars. Without enough employees businesses have been forced to alter their hours of operation, close at least one day a week, or in one particular case close down for a week.

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This week Timothy's Pub in Flint has been closed to give their staff a weeks vacation. Think about that for a minute - they don't have enough employees to stay open to cover well deserved vacations. Timothy's of course will reopen next week, but you see my point.

Crust in Fenton will also be making some temporary hour changes in order to accommodate their staff and provide customers with proper service. The popular bakery and restaurant will only be open from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM,Tuesday through Sunday. Outdoor seating will be reduced, and the restaurant menu will be limited. As far as the retail hours go, they will remain the same, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. In case it was not implied, Crust is hiring.

Another popular spot has made the difficult choice to close one day a week. As of July 20th, Sam's Italian Restaurant in Rankin will be closed on Tuesday's. According to a post on their Facebook page, this decision was made because they don't have enough employees, and Sam's feels this is the best way to support the employees they do have.

Timothy's Pub, Crust and Sam's Italian Restaurant are just three of many bars and restaurants struggling to find good help right now. If you or someone you know are willing to work - there are jobs available at a lot of great locally owned businesses.

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