I am 61 years of age, and I have followed the Detroit Lions since I was a very young kid. There have been so many quarterbacks since that time. Since I was born, the Detroit Lions have had 40 quarterbacks. And the Lions have smelled the whole time.

Now, they have a new era of quarterback coming in. His name is Jared Goff, formerly of the Los Angeles Rams. Everyone knows the Lions got him in the Matt Stafford blockbuster trade in the offseason.

Matt Stafford will rate as one of the top statistical quarterbacks they ever had. They smelled with him too. Won absolutely nothing! Let's take a look back at all of the Lions quarterbacks since I've been alive.

Every Detroit Lions Quarterback Since 1960

There have been 40 Detroit Lions quarterbacks in the past 60 years, and not one of them has taken us to a Super Bowl.

All these men have played for the Detroit Lions and all won nothing. This is one of the worst professional franchises in pro sports history. Hopefully one day they will go deep into the playoffs and maybe get to a Super Bowl. But, they are miles from one as I finish this article. So many quarterbacks with the same losing result!

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