With the news of new medical marijuana facilities opening up more and more in Michigan is it finally time for Fenton to allow dispensaries in the township?

Medical marijuana is a growing industry in Michigan. With talks of a $20 million medical marijuana facility opening up in Northern Michigan and new facilities opening up every day, Fenton Township is the next location being looked at by business owners to start moving in.

Currently Fenton Township does not have any ordinances, but if the Fenton Township Board of Trustees continues to do nothing permits will not be distributed and residents will not be able to grow, transport, distribute, or process marijuana.

Deputy Clerk Tom Broecker says the township needs to make a decision on whether they want to allow medical marijuana facilities in the township. Currently the township has no answer when people ask about medical marijuana facilities.

According to treasurers there is a lot of discussion in the community about licensing opportunities, but until the board decides to allow or not allow the facilities nothing can be done.

Source: TCTimes.com


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