Mindy Kaling may have left 'The Office' behind a little earlier than some of her former co-stars, but these days it seems like every 'Office' star has a future sitcom lined up once the show ends its nine-year run.  The latest to set up a new gig is that of Brian Baumgarnter, best known as the often inconsistently slow accountant Kevin Malone.  Greg Daniels is on board to produce at ABC, but what could Baumgartner's new show be about?

Between nine seasons and the near guarantee of post-show projects, it certainly pays to be on 'The Office' these days.  Not only do Craig Robinson, Angela Kinsey, Mindy Kaling, and potentially even Rainn Wilson have their post-'Office' TV futures all figured out, but now Brian Baumgartner is joining the club.

Deadline is reporting that the fictionally slow-witted TV star will re-join with 'Office' boss Greg Daniels for his own single-camera ABC sitcom, yet to be titled.  The half-hour series would focus on Baumgartner as Norman, a mid-level airline executive who "fights to experience winning again… at anything."  Universal TV and Daniels’ studio-based Deedle Dee Prods. are producing, with Baumgartner, Daniels, and others on board as well.

Baumgartner is the fourth 'Office' star this season to eye the possibility of their own sitcom, as Craig Robinson has a new music teacher project lined up, while Angela Kinsey and Rachel Harris are developing "Dirty Blonde's at FOX, and Rainn Wilson could potentially spin-off into Dwight Schrute-centric 'The Farm.'

What say you?  Do you think Brian Baumgartner can helm his own sitcom when 'The Office' closes?

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