If you purchased a ladder at Home Depot or Lowes in April or May it may be part of a massive recall. Almost 80,000 ladders have been recalled for risk of breaking while in use, causing the user to fall. The ladders affected by the recall are aluminum multi-purpose ladders. The ladders can be used in five different positions and range from 13 feet to 26 feet in length.

If you may have purchased one of these ladders, you will need to look for the date code printed on the outer leg of the ladder beneath the bottom step. The date codes are 121744XX or 011844XX.

If you purchased one of these ladders at Home Depot or Lowes between April and May for $180 or $275 stop using it immediately. You can return it to the store for a full refund.

To see the full recall notice from the Consumer Product and Safety Commission, click here. 


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