It's Six Feet Under meets The Conjuring.

Full disclosure: I'm fascinated with death, probably because I'm terrified of it. My dad, in passing, told me once that he wanted to go to school to be a funeral director but changed his mind. Since then, I've always wondered what life would've been like to be in the funeral industry.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe was released in theaters by IFC Midnight in September of 2016. I saw it when it popped up on Netflix earlier this year. I'm always wary of streaming horror movies because, most of the time, they're duds. This one, however, was anything BUT that.

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It follows a father and son duo of coroners who begin to perform an autopsy on an unidentified woman who was found at the scene of a bloody homicide. Once they start to "dig in," so to speak, things get...weird.

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This movie truly scared the pants off me and it features Brian Cox, who is always fantastic. I loved it and highly recommend it for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

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