Fear is a natural reaction that is one of the strongest emotions it makes us avoid situations that may cause us harm. However, with a virus swarming around the entire country the fear of the unknown has taken over. How many people are going to die? How many people are going to get sick? How can I prevent this virus from affecting my family and myself? This is why on this week's episode of, “That’s where it’s at” a team of doctors came to the show from Hamilton Community health network to try and stop the confusion and help ease the worry that is surrounding the entire nation.

On the show was the director of Hamilton Community Network Clarence Pierce who talked about how this is very new to the clinic as they have tried to limit the contact between people as that is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. He explains that at the clinic they are giving the staff the things that they need like masks, gloves, shields and other protective gear to make sure that the workers are safe. It is incredible to hear stories around the world of Doctors and Nurses risking their lives to help prevent the spread of the virus. So it is essential that employees are safe. He also talks about who should be tested and he explained that people who have the symptoms should call their healthcare provider and try and figure out what to do next. They don’t want everyone to get tested because it is more important for people that are weak to get tested first as it affects older people more.

Also on the show, we had Kimberly Warden, Director of Quality who gave the listeners a lot of information on what Covid 19 is and the symptoms of the sickness. She also talked about how the disease is spread which is through coughing, sneezing and human contact. There are also recommendations that people should be at least six feet away from each other to make sure that the disease is not spreading. Along with Kimberly Warden talking about the prevention of the virus Stacy Sawyer the Director of Marketing and communication also talked about ways that this disease can be prevented from spreading which includes washing your hands and to self distance yourself from other people and if you don’t have to go anywhere just stay home! It is better to be safe than sorry.

On the show, we also talked about social distancing and flattening the curve which means that we are trying to make sure that thousands of people are getting sick over a long period of time rather than a million people getting sick at one time. This can help companies like the Hamilton Community Network have enough supplies to help everyone that needs it. We talked about how in the world right now there are countries like Italy that are struggling as thousands of people are getting sick all at one time. To prevent this from happening the government has been taking many different actions that may seem to be overboard but it is actually in place to help people from getting sick.

Even though fear is one of the strongest human emotions we can have faith that we as people can get through this sickness together. So while we shouldn’t have fear we should take every precautionary measure to make sure that the spread is minimal. This means that you should wash your hands, cough and sneeze into the bend of your arm and if you are feeling sick stay home!
As of right now, we are encouraged to stay home this means that if you missed the Stacy Swimp show you can watch it by check out the episode on the Stacy Swimp YouTube Channel!

With Covid 19 continuing to prevent people from meeting there will be no episode on Monday, March 23. Hopefully, soon episodes will be back to normal.

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