Leo Plass is graduating senior.

And we do mean “senior.”

After nearly eight decades, the 99-year-old man has  finally graduated from college. He recently picked up his diploma from Eastern Oregon University. Plass had less than a semester to go in 1932 before he would’ve graduated from the school, which was then called Eastern Oregon Normal School.

Plass had designs on becoming a teacher, but a friend offered him a logging job that would’ve paid nearly twice what he would make as a teacher. Since it was the Depression, this college student showed off his smarts by dropping out of school to get into logging and never returned to his studies.

Plass does have a little of the “back in my day” in him. He said today’s colleges don’t do enough to prepare students for life, adding, “They don’t teach youngsters things they need to know about. When I was in school, that’s about all they did teach. You learned how to cook, you learned how to sew and how to type.”

Still, earning his associate’s degree was a true joy for Plass, who said, “Never dreamed of something like this happening to me. It’s out of this world.”

So, after all these years, we guess you can say he’s finally made it to the head of the Plass!


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