If you're like me, and sometimes find yourself extremely short on patience, there are a few places in town that might not be for you.

I believe it was Jay-Z that once said, "I got no patience, and I hate waitin'." I never imagined that those seemingly throwaway Hov lyrics would come to define me, but the older I get -- the more they do. I can be a real impatient bastard sometimes. I often find myself trashing strangers who dare to drive even a mile below the speed limit when in front of me, or unsuccessfully force-choking people that block the entire lane with their shopping cart with complete disregard for others. It's becoming a problem, and I'm working on that.

Now, maybe it's just me, but I suspect there are others out there who suffer from this affliction. It is in the interest of them that I write this article. Please bear in mind that some of the places on this list are fine establishments. In fact, I absolutely love some of them. They wouldn't be so busy if they were unpopular, but under certain circumstances, they can be very trying on the nerves of us unreasonably impatient folks. In other words -- it's not you, it's me.

So, if you suck at waiting for stuff like I do, here are a few pointers on how to minimalize your frustration. Again, I'm not saying avoid them altogether, or at all, just that you may want to prepare yourself mentally when heading to the following places at certain times.

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    Train Tracks @ Belsay Rd


    Just don't. I've lived near these tracks my whole life, and I couldn't even tell you how many times I've watched trains come to a complete stop and destroy my hopes of getting to my destination on time. It happens multiple times, every single day, and has for decades. Also, there are school bus parking lots on both sides of the tracks. Imagine waiting for the train, then waiting for a school bus to stop at the tracks to look both ways, then going 10 feet past the tracks and being stuck behind that bus that now has to wait to make a left turn, which takes a while because of the traffic backup from the train. After that, you probably have to sit through a couple cycles of the traffic light before you make it through. This has happened to me on several occasions. Also, that speed limit... come on, guys.

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    Sagano Japanese Steakhouse

    On Most Holiday Weekends in Fall-Spring

    Sagano is straight up my favorite restaurant in town and it's not even a close. However, I've found it impossible to go there on a holiday weekend without waiting for quite some time. Again, I love this place, but it can get very crowded in that waiting area very quickly. I've been stuck waiting between the two doors before, and that was not a fun 15 minutes of my life. Just sayin' -- pick your spots. I can personally testify that Valentine's and Sweetest Days are incredibly busy there. I can't complain too much though, because every time I have waited it has totally been worth it.

    George McIntyre, Townsquare Media Flint
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    Anyplace New in Town

    On the First Few Days, Weekends of Business

    After a long period of more businesses closing than opening, Flint has started heading back in the other direction the last few years. In the aforementioned dark period, we ended up being starved for cool new places to go. So now, whenever a remotely interesting establishment opens its doors -- people swarm the place. So much so that I don't even bother going for at least a few weeks. Hell, I just went to the new IHOP for the first time last week.

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    Olive Garden On Miller Rd

    Whenever I'm There

    It's probably just my luck, but I've never not waited for a table at Olive Garden. I've even gone there on weekdays between lunch and dinner and waited for a table. Plus, they're parking lot stays full, 24/7. I'm starting to think there's an underground Illuminati headquarters nearby, because the amount of cars in the lot always seems disproportionate to the number of people in the restaurant. That being said, the service and food are usually great, so the wait is understandable, and much more tolerable than some other items on the list.

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    Anywhere Near GM

    at Shift Change

    I don't know if you've ever seen Van Slyke or Bristol at shift change, but it's every man and woman for themselves. Avoid at all costs.

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    I-75 North

    on Summer Fridays

    Michigan Summers, man. On Fridays, "urrybody tryna go up north," as the kids would say. So naturally, the expressway can be a nightmare from 3p to as late as 8p. The same goes for 75 South on Sundays as well, but to a lesser extent in this area.

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    On the Day Before and Day of Most Holidays

    The business of your Walmart will depend on the location and holiday, but on some of those busier ones you could easily get confused and think you walked directly into a deleted scene from 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' And we didn't even factor in the confusing door situation.

    Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media
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    Speedway @ Center & Court

    During Most Daylight Hours

    I don't know what is going on at this Speedway, but in the daytime, it's borderline unmanageable. Cars often wait in lines so deep that they spill out onto the road, which makes navigating the parking lot and surrounding corner a logistical nightmare.

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    Secretary of State @ Fenton & Hill


    This one has long struck terror into the hearts of even the bravest among us. Going to any SoS office is usually a pain, but the SUPER! Center is notoriously busy. Online options and kiosks have helped in some cases, but the wait is unavoidable for certain situations. There are few things less enjoyable than pulling ticket # 98 and seeing that they're now serving #45.

    Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media Flint