Ties and golf clubs are dandy for Father's Day, but to dads with a sharp sense of humor, it's the card that counts. We trolled the internet to find the funniest cards out there to purchase, print and even send digitally (no stamps required!).

For any kid who's asked mom or dad to confirm which child they like best, this card is sure to turn the tables. [Etsy user ImpossibleQueens]

Hours of catch didn't turn you into a Major League Baseball star? Let Dad know you appreciated it anyway. [someecards]

Insert dad's visage into this animated card from JibJab and watch him take out suckas in this 70s B-movie satire. [JibJab]

Geek dads will guffaw over this "Star Wars" reference. [Etsy user witandwhistle]

Tell dad exactly what he wants to hear this year. [Etsy user TinderMill]