Having an epic mullet is an accomplishment in and of itself, and then, there's this.

In case you missed it, Bridge Street Exchange in Fenton just had a mullet contest. If you think about it, it's perfect timing, no? We were all growing out our hair until salons reopened. So why not have a "business in the front, party in the back" contest?

The winners were announced on August 5th and coming in third place is 60-year-old Randy Barnaby from Columbiaville. And he's been working on his coif for over three decades. Not to win a contest, but to stay sober.
Randy told MLive that he'd had problems with drugs and alcohol back in his 20s and, every time he had to make a court appearance, he'd cut his hair to look presentable. However, he wanted to grow his hair out, so he made a pledge to stay sober, and his hair has been a constant reminder.

To be fair, it's worth pointing out that he didn't intend on growing a mullet in the beginning; he just wanted to grow his hair out. He had an "accident" with a hairstylist where she took too much off the sides and decided to keep it that way.

His daughter encouraged him to enter the competition, which had 130 contestants. Randy ended up coming in third; we dare say, however, that the story behind his mullet should've come in first.

Congrats to all the winners, and congrats to Randy for staying sober for three decades!

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