Check out 12 famous and/or notable people that were born in Mount Pleasant, MI.

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We are back at it with another list of people from this great state of Michigan. This week we are focusing on Mount Pleasant. Below you'll find a list of just 12 people that were born there that you may have seen in the public limelight.

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Now, before we go any farther, let's address the elephant in the room. While researching this, I noticed one thing. Depending on whatever piece of information you're looking at, you'll see two different spellings for this city. Mount Pleasant and Mt. Pleasant. While they can both be considered correct, which one do you think it is? I even when as far as to walk around the building asking my coworkers and the results came back split down the middle. Half used the abbreviated "Mt." and the other half spelled "Mount" out. Fight amongst yourselves on this one.

Looking at the list below you will see several professional golfers (one of which even designed a great golf course in Mount Pleasant,) a couple of NFL coaches, a CNN political correspondent, and a famous Detroit Tigers announcer.

While this list is not huge, it will still give Mount Pleasant-born Michiganders some pride. I also know that there are more out there that I didn't get on the list. If you know of one, be sure to leave them in the comments. Enjoy the list.

Source: Wikipedia

Here's 12 People You May Know That Were Born in Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant has produced several professional golfers, a couple of NFL coaches, a CNN political correspondent, and a famous Detroit Tigers announcer. 

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