Growing up most of us have ridden the school bus, whether that was just for one year before your parents decided to drive you to and from school or if it was your entire time in school, the experience is one in the same. We all have to get up earlier than those kids who get dropped off, wait outside in varying weather conditions, and then sit on a bus listening to the radio while we head to school for eight hours of learning.

Now as we know when we put a bunch of kids together, things can get a little crazy. Some bus rides you see kids throw things, move from seat to seat, open windows and hang out of them or throw things out them, and even get into fights with each other and/or the bus driver themselves. Most of the time this leads to a suspension or possible expulsion from bus riding privileges. This past week in Battle Creek, two siblings lost their bus privileges and had to walk to school.

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This wasn't any ordinary walk to school for these two siblings though. Their parents obviously weren't happy that their children had been kicked off the bus as they now had to find a way to transport their kids to and from school. This is where this story takes a turn and becomes comical for outsiders and embarrassing for these students.

These students now have to walk to school together, but with one caveat, they had to walk with a big t shirt on the both of them while their parents followed. One of them had one arm in and the shirt over their heads. The shirt reads "Kicked Off The Bus Again", letting everyone know why they were walking to school in that condition.

The best part of this story is yet to come. The parents didn't just make them walk to school by themselves, but instead wanted to follow them. As if the big t shirt, the message written on the back, and having their parents follow behind them wasn't embarrassing enough, the parents had something to say too. On the back of the parents car is a sign that says "Sorry, following my kids. 6th time kicked off of the bus." These parents are obviously fed up and wanted to do something about it, so they embarrassed their kids and apologized to everyone who had to wait behind them.

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