Hundreds of Michigan Businesses are offering incentives to join their teams.

The options of employment are virtually endless nowadays and some businesses are offering up some big incentives to join their workforce. Whether you are looking to work remotely or try out a new place of employment in the physical world, you might be able to get some extra cash in your pocket.

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The last few years have definitely changed many people's views when it comes to working. Depending on what your place of employment was a few years ago, your workday could be drastically different than what it once was. For some, that is a great thing, for others, not so much.

For this reason alone, many of my friends and family have changed where they work and what they do. If you fall into this category and are looking for something new, many businesses throughout the state are looking for you. They are even ready to pay you a little extra to get you in the door.

After a quick search of businesses in the state that are offering sign-on bonuses and incentives, I found jobs from many different areas of the workforce. Workers searching for a job can find hiring bonuses for cooks, administrative clerks, bus drivers, call center agents, and more. One of the biggest offers I found was a $5,000 bonus incentive with Greyhound Lines, Inc. in Detroit.

Check out the list below of just 10 of the hundreds of businesses throughout the Mitten that are offering hiring bonuses.

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