Tonight On The Tom Sumner Program
Longway Planetarium Astronomer Richard Walker with an update on what's happening in space, musician Wilbur Hilton is recruiting area musicians to help raise money for Hurley at an event in memory of a local legend bassist/songwriter David Wells and health insurance broker Tom Webber (Franklin Bene…
Supreme Court Begins First Round of Health Care Hearings
The United States Supreme Court begins hearings today on health care. Today is just the first round, however, and is more about the rules of the argument according to Fox News.
The rule in question is from an 1867 tax law that prohibits lawsuits, like the one challenging the health care law or Obamac…
Obamacare Toasted
I hope you like your universal health care toasted.  Because that's how the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has prepared it.  Apparently, the court thinks it's unconstitutional for the government to mandate the purchase of health care insurance.