Dear Dr. Psarcasm,

I am thinking of attending a Slutwalk in Detroit.  When that imbecile Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut, I wanted to scream.  Slut shaming should be a crime!  Do you think this is the best way to take ownership of our sexuality?




Dear Holly,

Why are you concerned with ownership?  Slutwalk likes to present itself as a victim’s rights movement.  In reality, it is as greedy as capitalism, a little too concerned with ownership and exclusivity. I think the Free Love movement was much more wholesome, certainly much more egalitarian. When I was in graduate school at Berkeley we were trying to transcend the exclusivity of sex.  (If I remember correctly, we did a pretty good job!)

Love is something to be given freely, not jealously guarded. Why be slaves to evolutionary urges? We need to get beyond our biological desire to mate with the best genetic specimens.  Please tell me you don’t think sex is just about pro-creation!?  Should we outlaw contraception?!  Of course not!  Sex is not just about pro-creation. So why insist on being "attracted" to a sexual partner? How is this fair to the ugly and the old?  Holy Aristophanes, that is not right! Our bodies are the source of all selfishness. Let go of the prejudice of the body!  Beautism, bodyism, how do these differ from racism?  They don’t.   If you give your body freely, without insisting on your own egocentric discrimination, power is completely taken out of the equation. How can something be taken when it is always freely given?  As we used to say at Berkeley, make love, not war!

Dr Psarcasm,

“Remember, the ‘P’ is NOT silent.  Seriously.”