Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer told colleagues that the entries being submitted to the #mi2020 Scholarship Competition are putting a positive spotlight on the value of investing in Michigan's education system. The #mi2020 Scholarship Competition allows high school seniors to submit a short web video at that explains the importance of investing in higher education and how the Michigan 2020 Plan to offer free college tuition to all students is the right investment for our state to make.

"The entries we've received so far are outstanding examples of the talent and creativity of Michigan's students," said Whitmer. "I'm confident we're going to see even more outstanding entries submitted to us this week and I'm excited to see which one is ultimately picked to win the grand prize of up to $10,000 toward their college tuition."

The #mi2020 Sholarship Competition is open to all current Michigan high school seniors, whether they are attending public school, private school or are home-schooled. The winner will receive up to $10,000 for their first year's expenses at a public Michigan university or community college. The competition is designed to engage Michigan's students in the discussion on the Michigan 2020 Plan.

"The #mi2020 Scholarship Competition is designed to demonstrate the impact this program would have on the student's life by giving one high school senior a year's worth of free tuition right now while we continue to work toward enacting this critically important program for all Michigan student's," added Whitmer. "Time is running out to enter, but there's still a chance for every Michigan high school senior to get involved and be part of this opportunity."

All entries into the #mi2020 Scholarship Competition are due by Friday, April 20 and online voting will begin on Monday, April 23rd.

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