Michigan Governor Rick Snyder:

"The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is legislation that misses the point on the most important reforms needed in our health care system. In the meantime, it has been a detriment to the economic recovery of our country by causing massive uncertainty regarding medical costs which discourages job creation."




Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette:

"I am deeply disappointed with this ruling by the United State Supreme Court. I am extremely concerned as well, about the impact of this decision on the personal liberties and basic Constitutional rights of Americans. Today's decision raises the stakes - does the federal government have any limits at all? If the federal government can force you to purchase a product or pay a hefty fine, there is virtually no limit to what it can compel you to do."

Michigan Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer:

"The Supreme Court;s decision is a major victory for middle class families throughout Michigan. The Affordable Care Act, the first major healthcare reform in decades, provides for security for countless children, parents and workers throughout our state who otherwise could not afford or would be denied healthcare coverage. It makes Michigan healthier and our families more financially secure. I applaud the court for putting aside the false and politically motivated attacks against the Affordable Care Act and doing the right thing for the American people."

Former Congressman and Candidate for U.S. Senate Pete Hoekstra:

"The health care law is unpopular because the American people now see that it will bankrupt the country, put Washington between them and their doctors, and cause prices to go up and quality of care to go down."

State Representative Joe Graves

"My reaction to today's ruling isn't about politics; it's about people. I am concerned for Michigan's middle class families who will see their taxes go up, their healthcare decisions limited and their budgets busted. Moving forward, I will do everything I can to protect the people of this state. I will consider every option in the state Legislature that makes the lives of Michigan residents better and keeps the people of this state healthy and free. There is a lot of time between now and the full implementation of this middle-class tax hike for us to review the ruling and look at every possibility. I will protect Michigan residents and give them the real reforms they deserve."