On Thursday, with all of the dust settled from construction projects, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place at the Creative Financial Centre.

The new financial office is located in the Gateway Centre off of Hill Road. It is located behind the Residence Inn on Hill Road.

Branch owner Bonnie Smith said "it was exciting to give the community a tour of the new office. Our clients like the easy access to the office and location because it is convenient for everyone in and out of the county." She added "it's a celebration of continued growth in Genesee County and we're glad everyone came out and joined in the excitement."

According to Smith, the 2,700 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility has been open since the beginning of August.

"We help our clients with financial planning, investments and insurance needs," said Smith who added "we have been a great resource for those in the community who were looking at the GM pension buyout offers."

Deborah Koval, a Financial Adviser, said the opening of the new facility is "all about providing more for our clients. We're thrilled to be able to be a resource for our clients with their financial questions and help them achieve their financial goals."