State Rep. Joe Graves has announced he voted for a balanced state budget the puts emphasis on public safety, education and rebuilding Michigan's roads and bridges.

On Tuesday, the House approved House Bills 4228 and 4328 to fund public schools and state government departments. Graves noted that this is the third consecutive budget that the House has finalized months in advance of the deadline, allowing local governments and school districts to accurately plan their spending for the coming year.

Graves said that "Michigan's responsible spending has resulted in a balanced budget growing slower than the rate of inflation. We have made the state government more efficient by cutting the fat and putting more money toward priority areas such as education, infrastructure and public safety."

According to Graves, this year's education budget includes a 3.4% increase, putting Michigan far above the national average in terms of school funding. Graves said K-12 funding has been increased by $443.7 million while universities and community colleges will see an increase of $31.9 million.

The budget also includes funding for an additional 107 state troopers through a State Police trooper recruit school.

The general fund budget, HB 4328, includes an increase of $351 million to repair the state's roads and bridges, an additional $75 million for the state's rainy day fund and $20 million to provide individual tax relief to Michigan residents.

The bills now go to the Senate for consideration.