A proposal to get the City of Flint out from underneath the control of an emergency manager is expected from Flint Mayor Dayne Walling in his State of the City address today.

According to MLive, Walling will make a recommendation that Governor Snyder start the process of ending the state takeover during the annual address. The city has been under control of the emergency manager since November 2011.

Walling told MLive that "Flint could be a model for how a community moves from an emergency financial manager to an advisory board and then moves out of receivership with a sustainable plan for the future."

The new emergency manager law which takes affect on March 28 would allow the governor to appoint a receivership transition board that would be responsible for monitoring the city's finance after the emergency manager leaves. A two-year budget and a plan to eliminate the city's $19 million deficit would also have to be adopted.