A little over a month after being recalled from office by less than a percentage point, former Representative Paul Scott (R - Grand Blanc) is considering his next move, one that may involve running again for public office.

Scott has spent most of his time as a private citizen with his family, most notably 10 month old son Carter. He plans on taking the bar exam in February; something he had to put on hold as a State Representative. Though he has had some job offers, Scott’s keeping his options open and looks to pursue whatever opportunity he is most passionate about.

When asked about the recall, Scott said he had no regrets, noting that it’s hard to not ruffle feathers when changing the status quo. Scott did say that because of the level of attention the recall received and the amount of money spent on advertising on both sides, he lost some of the “local” image that helped him get elected in 2008 and 2010. As far as February’s special election, Scott is confident that the Republican candidate, Joe Graves of Linden will win, adding he was confused about the teacher’s union strategy to spend so much money on a seat that may end up being won by a Republican once again.

The big question is whether Paul Scott will run for State Representative again. Because he was recalled less than a year into his second term, he is eligible to serve as State Representative for 4 years, or two full terms. Scott still has a passion for public policy, taxes, regulatory reform, and education in Michigan. He said he will not make a final decision on whether to run for his former House seat until April.