I miss writing on hard-boiled eggs with those ridiculous wax pencils and then dipping them into cups with pellets of color that smell like vinegar. I miss wrapping baskets in transparent colored paper with bright ribbons. It's no fun buying stuff for grown up kids, they want gas cards, not jump ropes. And the only thing fun about Peeps is putting the little buggers into a microwave and watching them swell and explode.

I tried to get back that old-time Easter feeling for myself. I bought a jump rope, and by the time I remembered the jump rope song ( "Down in the valley, where the green grass grows. There sat Brenda, sweet as a rose....") I darned near had a heart attack. Got all the way to foursies with the jacks, but quit when I broke a nail. Hey, manicures don't come cheap! Hard-boiled eggs, but decided I wanted chef salad for lunch.

Couldn't even break down and buy a chocolate bunny because most are milk chocolate and I only eat 75% cacao these days...and that's usually with a merlot.

What do you remember most about Easter as a child?