The Flint Mass Transportation Authority (MTA) has been recognized as one of the top fleets in the country for their use of clean, domestic propane autogas.

The recognition was given at the BusCon Expo in Chicago last week. The awards recognize public transportation fleets for their commitment to improving the environment and health of their communities by adopting the nation's leading alternative fuel, propane autogas.

Fueling with propane autogas results in an estimated 40 percent reduction in smog-producing hydrocarbon emissions in light-duty vehicles compared with gasoline and an 80 percent reduction in heavy-duty vehicles compared with diesel. Public transportation fleets are adopting propane autogas to reduce harmful emissions, cut fuel costs and decrease dependence on foreign oil.

The Flint MTA operates 72 propane-autogas-fueled shuttle buses. Others recognized include Metro Cars in Detroit, the Greater Cleveland RTA, and the Port Columbus International Airport.