The Flint City Council met on Tuesday and talks centered on proposals to Governor Snyder to get the city out from underneath the control of an emergency manager.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling told MLive the discussion he head with the finance committee "is just the beginning of the process."

The proposal discussed would involve asking Snyder to appoint an advisory committee that would help with the transition away from the EM. An advisory council is part of Michigan's new emergency manager law that takes effect on March 28th.

The meeting was led by Fourth Ward Councilman Joshua Freeman who chairs the finance committee. Freeman said "I've think we've got as good as any chance to any to get an advisory board appointed. You don't know unless you ask."

Emergency financial manager Ed Kurtz said it doesn't matter what he think about the council asking to get out from underneath state control. Kurtz said "it only matters what the governor thinks relative to that."

A letter will be drafted during the next finance committee meeting in hopes of sending it out to the governor during the March 25th meeting.