I need my kidneys right now, but when I'm done with them I hope someone else gets a chance to put them to good use. Same for my liver and corneas. I'm an organ donor, it's on my driver's license but today I thought I'd give Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg a hand and let all of you know via FB.

Yesterday, Zuckerberg announced that soon all 900 million FB members will be able to share their donor status online and link to state databases where people can register to officially become donors, if they aren't already.

It just makes good sense. Let those closest to you know how you feel about organ donation. And if you really want to share it with the public, there's no place better than Facebook. It's too hard when you're in the midst of grieving to try and figure out if your spouse, child, parent or loved one every mentioned being an organ donor.

And I don't know who decided that we should be thinking about that while picking up license plates or renewing a driver's license.

I don't want there to be any question after I'm gone. I'm an organ donor. If a piece of me can help somebody, take it. Obviously I won't be needing it anymore. Kudos to Mark Zuckerberg who announced his plans yesterday on ABC's "Good Morning America." He said the idea of making organ donor notification available on FB, came to him after numerous conversations with his fiancee, a pre-med student.

I wish I would have thought of it. Of ourse, I wish I would have thought of FB, too. Or the computer. Or cellphones. I have got to invent something.

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So who wants my kidneys?