Iowa is in the pocket. Done. Kaput. Time to move on.....

Are you ready for New Hampshire? South Carolina? Is the intrigue and drama more than you can stand?

Sorry, tongue firmly in cheek while that was being said. So Rick Santorum brought out the big guns and powered his way into the top two spaces. Good for him. This Republican primary season has been more dramatic than the build-up to a high school prom.

Who will be crowned?

Safe to say Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry weren't. I almost feel sorry for Bachmann. Almost. She really believed in herself and in the possibility that her Tea Partiers would rise to the occasion. As for Mr. Perry, well I think he saw it coming. He is smart enough to know that he while he was treading water, he was only just barely keeping his nose out of the drink.

Newt Gingrich made a nice speech, even offering his congratulations to Rick Santorum for knowing how to play the game well. Particularly praising Santorum for keeping his campaign out of the mud.

It's not over yet folks. Although it is getting closer to being over every day. I'm not so sure Rick Santorum will continue to hold this momentum and I'm more convinced than ever that Mitt Romney will be -- as he was deigned to be since the beginning -- crowned the de-facto Republican nominee.