The annual Forbes Magazine list of richest people on the planet came out this past week, and while most of the names are not necessarily strangers to you and me, still I was surprised at a few I didn't know were from Michigan.

The Detroit News did a nice profile of those with silver spoons. Topping the list is Google co-founder Larry Page. He's #10 on the list, and tops on the Michigan list. (Interesting-he's from East Lansing and went to school at Michigan. Go Green, Go Blue) (also, the other Google co-founder Sergey Brin, is only #14 on the list. Rank envy, anyone?)

The next Michigander on the list is former Microsoft leader, Steve Ballmer at #19. He's from Detroit. This is where I'd planned on make a joke about him buying a Detroit team that needs help, but I realized all the Detroit teams are owned by people or families on this list, so money can't buy you wins, Lions, Pistons, Tigers, Red Wings fans) Red Wings and Tigers matriarch Marian Ilitch is #478, Pistons owner Tom Gores is just outside the top 500 at #504 and Lions owner Martha Firestone Ford is at #1605.

If you narrow the scope to closer to here, the usual names are on the list:The Meijer brothers, Hank and Doug are at #244.

Ronda Stryker is the most local connection to this list, and shows up inside the top 300 at #298. Her brother, Jon, is at #645 and sister Pat at #962.

All told there are 10 Michiganders on the list. Rich DeVos from Grand Rapids died last year and former Stryker chairman John Brown moved to Atlanta.





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