Losing a pet is never easy, but one family is dealing with the particularly tragic and senseless death of its dog.

A woman in Britain named Sharon McNamee wrote a lengthy post on Facebook to the driver who ran over her family's dog, Soskay. The four-year-old pooch died, leaving the family to pick up the pieces and Sharon trying to console her heartbroken children.

There really isn't a whole lot that can be added to her missive -- she paints a bleak picture of the devastation and the mourning that she and her family are battling through in the wake of this fatal accident.

McNamee holds on to hope that karma will catch up with the driver and ends her letter with "My only consolation in all of this is that you didn't plough into my daughter, and that perhaps my beautiful Soskay died so that my daughter would be safe."

Read the letter for yourself below.

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