A Flint-area woman took to Facebook to caution Walmart shoppers about a disgusting and dangerous trap that she just barely dodged.

We've all heard urban legends before. Like the one where people that drive with their headlights off at night and kill people that flash them with their brights or the one about people putting razor blades in Halloween candy. In today's user-generated content environment, the new platform of choice for these imaginative tales of caution has become the internet. Specifically, Facebook.

A lot of times urban legends end up not being based on anything factual. Like the razor blade Halloween candy thing, where there are like zero cases that ever happening for real. Older urban legends are meant to scare people, by turning the ordinary into a spooky scenario. It's a fun way to vicariously add some adventure to people's mundane lives. The new "Facebook urban legends," however, are are a bit more of a mixed bag. Sometimes they're real, sometimes they're pranks that someone thinks is real, and sometimes they're just ways for attention-starved millennials to get their 15 minutes of internet fame. I'm not saying that the following story is any of those for sure, it's just always good to keep that in mind when reading stories like this one.

A young woman was about to begin shopping at the Flint Township Walmart on Corunna Rd, when she allegedly began wiping down the handle of the shopping cart. The woman claims that she felt the wipe snag something under the handle, and when she pulled it away a rusty razor blade fell out (see picture below). The woman also says that she has seen posts about this very same thing on Facebook -- most likely in reference to this post, which definitively shows a razor in a shopping cart handle at a Missouri Walmart -- and warned others, especially those with children, to be on the lookout for this disgusting trap.

Razorblade handle? That's a new one on me. I can't imagine what kind of sicko would even come up with something like this. Whether this turns out to be real or just another internet hoax, I'll probably be checking my shopping cart handles for the foreseeable future, just in case. It never hurts to be safe, people.

UPDATE: Walmart's media relations team replied to our inquiry saying that no team members or managers at the Flint Township store were notified of the alleged incident, and to the best of their knowledge there was no police report or complaint issued.

Facebook Warning

Note: We chose not to embed the Facebook post within this article for editorial reasons, but you can find the original post by clicking here.


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