Glenn Beck is a multimedia phenomena.  You hear Glenn on his new radio home, Flint's News Talk 1470.  And now you have chance to SEE Glenn take on the venerable tradition of the presidential debate, in a live feed event at the Flint 14 Theaters.  WFNT is giving away a pair of tickets to "Unelectable 2012" each day next week in WFNT.COM's Treasure Trove.  So what exactly is Unelectable 2012?:

"The Presidential Debate is an esteemed tradition in this country, a time when noble and honest candidates meet to share their views on what's best for the country…to lay out their plans to improve the lives of all Americans without undue influence from special interests…to demonstrate their commitment to telling the truth and keeping their word, driven by nothing but a selfless desire to serve their country.

Yeah, right.

They don't make politicians like they used to, and the same goes for their debates. At best, it's no longer about saying the right thing, but instead about trying to talk a lot without saying anything of substance at all. At worst, they're nothing but lies. This sad state of affairs is what drove Glenn Beck to create Unelectable 2012, his brand new live stage show with Glenn as the truth-telling candidate we all dream about, the one who speaks from the heart with his vision for what's best for all Americans. And while Glenn may have been motivated by something serious in creating this show, he's chosen to make his point with his unique brand of no-holds-barred comedy! Many are saying that Unelectable 2012 is the funniest show that Glenn has ever done, and considering that he's joined on stage by the writers and performers of The B.S. of A.--GBTV's breakout sketch comedy show--they may be right!

Using the televised debate structure we all know so well, Glenn will show you what it looks like to be a candidate who tells it like it is, the whole truth straight from the heart. (You know, an approach that makes a candidate truly, totally and undeniably Unelectable.) This is the live event of the election year-a mix of huge laughs with an inspiring closing address from Glenn that will have audiences on their feet…informed, enlightened, and wildly entertained. On September 20th, Glenn will give you the only election "coverage" where you can laugh out loud on purpose!"


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