Over a month ago State Representative Todd Courser resigned his seat at 3:12am on September 11, 2015, just ahead of a vote to expel him.  State Representative, Cindy Gamrat, was expelled by the House shortly thereafter. After voice recordings emerged, the two admitted to an extramarital affair and were accused by their colleagues of misusing state resources in an effort to hide the affair.

Both are now running in the special election called to fill the seats they vacated. I spoke with Representative Courser this morning to ask him why he was running again. The full interview is worth listening to.

I was particularly interested in an allegation that Courser had posted flyers around Lapeer prior the primary election in 2014, which he won.  He then went on to win the primary election, ascending to Michigan’s 82nd House District seat. Courser has repeatedly denied that he or his campaign were responsible for putting up the flyers despite the eerie familiarity to the "false flag" operation he is recorded saying would "innoculate the herd," and discredit news of his extramarital affair, if or when it came out.  Courser referred to the flyer episode on his Facebook page on July 31, 2014:

The pictured flyer (which implies that I am some sort of sexual offender) was found behind the Lapeer County GOP headquarters, Rogers Pharmacy, and a few streets throughout downtown Lapeer. I was made aware of this and the person that notified my filed a police report on the matter. This is really regretful that this campaign has descended into clear character assassination. I, sincerely would hope and pray that none of my opponents or any of their supporters where behind this despicable activity. It just does not fit into civil society.
Look, I am not sure how to deal with all of this anymore? These personal attacks have reached a point where they are nothing but hurtful to me and my family. They are shameful and have no place in political discourse or any other for that matter. I am a political candidate, but am I first and foremost an imperfect follower of Christ, a husband of 17 years, and a father of four. I have been in business in this community since the mid 1990’s and I honestly I am at a loss for words at the actions of those who want to smear my name. Folks, the best thing you can do is don’t vote for those who want to sling mud and drag people down in the public square.

My question to Representative Courser was simple: “Will you swear to God that you did not put these flyers out, that you didn’t encourage anyone to put out these flyers, and that you don’t know who put out the flyers?” Eventually, he answered:

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