It was announced last night that Huntington Bank has acquired Akron, OH based First Merit Bank for 3.4 billion dollars. First Merit is fairly new to Flint after buying Citizens Bank just three years ago. The big question back then is most certainly going to be asked again in the next few weeks, "What will happen to the Weather Ball?"

Residents were thrilled to learn that First Merit would not remove the ball that has been a part of the Flint skyline since 1956. However, some were upset about its 2013 face lift which transformed the initials C.B. for Citizens Bank to F.M. for First Merit, but some see it as the initials for Flint, Michigan. Regardless of whether or not the letters change, even my kids find themselves looking for the Weather Ball when we're driving through downtown Flint.

First Merit sold a portion of the building downtown to U of M Flint, so it's still unclear who currently owns the Weather Ball. But if it remains owned by First Merit, now Huntington Bank, will they respect Flint's history and let the ball continue to light the sky over downtown? We'll keep an eye on this over the next few weeks. For you enthusiasts, check out an exclusive inside look at the Weather Ball that I filmed just before First Merit bought Citizens Bank in early 2013.

UPDATE: Great news on the future of the Weather Ball from Facebook:


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