There have been a number of pleasant surprises in the NFL this season, with the Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers coming to mind. On the flip side, there have been plenty of disappointments as well. Who is the biggest disappointment in the NFL?

After winning last year's Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens spent a ton of money on Joe Flacco. Unfortunately, that left them unable to afford to sign additional talent to help him, and the Ravens sit at 4-5 as a result. The Ravens are 30th in the NFL in yards per game, and the team may go from a championship to missing the playoffs.

Atlanta went from participating in last year's NFC Championship Game to a 2-7 start this season. The Falcons are allowing 28 points per game, and the team is worse than every other squad in rushing yards per game. Tony Gonzalez is probably regretting coming back for one more year to try and win a championship.

Houston looked like it was poised to contend for a championship this year, but is in complete disarray. Matt Schaub proved to be completely ineffective this year and, while Case Keenum has been a decent alternative, the team has only one more win than the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The New York Giants are normally contenders in the NFC, but their three wins this season have come against Josh Freeman and the Vikings, the Matt Barkley led Eagles, and the hapless Oakland Raiders. Those kind of wins are impressing nobody.

Who is the biggest disappointment in the NFL?


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