Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer renewed her call on Wednesday for Speaker of the House Jase Bolger to resign his leadership role in the Michigan House of Representatives as newspaper editorials begin to join with the more than 10,000 people who have already signed an online petition calling for him to step down.

The Adrian Daily Telegram sharply condemned Bolger’s actions today and concluded, “we think it’s necessary that Bolger shows leadership by stepping aside immediately as speaker of the House.” The Toledo Blade echoed their comments by stating, “Mr. Bolger would do better to step down immediately, and lawmakers should expel Mr. Schmidt.”

“As out-of-state newspapers call on Jase Bolger to step down, it’s clear that his continued role as Speaker of the House would only damage our ability to recruit businesses from those states and bring jobs back to Michigan,” said Whitmer. “If he has any shred of respect left for our Constitution or the people he was supposed to represent in office, Jase Bolger will step down immediately as Speaker of the House so that we can begin to move Michigan forward once again.”

Whitmer also called on Governor Snyder to join the growing call for Speaker Bolger’s resignation.

“It’s time for Governor Snyder to stop sitting on the sidelines and speak out against the fraud taking place within the Government he leads,” said Whitmer. “Despite his lame excuses and denials, it’s become increasingly clear that Jase Bolger was directly involved in an attempt to defraud the people of Michigan and we expect more from the Governor than his continued silence about it.”



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