Consumerist is reporting that Wendy’s is about to unseat Burger King as the country’s number two fast-food chain. According to research firm Technomic, the house that Dave Thomas built earned an estimated $53 million more than Burger King this year.

In celebration of Wendy’s new title as the second-place “burger king,” we present our favorite so-bad-they’re-good Wendy’s training videos from the ’80s and early ’90s, AKA the heyday of VHS. Grab a medium-sized Frosty and check them out below.

‘Hot Drinks’ Song

Besides being catchy, this musical guide to how to prepare Wendy’s hot beverages is exceedingly informative. For instance, before watching this video, we had no idea that coffee’s holding time is 30 minutes or that a tea bag should be set on top of the cup when serving. (And don’t forget the lemon slice, it’s very nice.) Also, whatever happened to this guy? He has some serious pipes.

‘Cold Drinks’ Rap

Another musical beverage serving how-to, this time delivered via the whitest rapper of all time. While the song is strangely catchy, we’re baffled by some of the regulations presented here. Why does the beverage have to go on the left side of the tray? Why does iced tea open up a whole new can of ice distribution rules? And heaven help you if you use the cup to fill the ice instead of the scoop or pour off the excess soda. Oh, and don’t forget to smile when you serve cold drinks. (Also presumably for every other transaction, right? So many questions…)

‘Chili Can Be Served With Cheese’

Rarely has footage of fast-food workers ladeling processed meat and beans into styrofoam bowls been given such a soulful musical accompaniment.

‘Got to Serve the Drinks’

Seemingly a take on the disco classic ‘Got to Be Real,’ this stock footage-heavy gem reminds workers to “always say thank you,” “smile and look happy” and “listen to the guests when their order’s being placed.” Good advice for us all. Well, maybe not that last one. That one’s a little Wendy’s-specific.

‘Grill Skillz’ Rap

This is a big day for “Bill,” as he is pulled of fry duty to learn the grill. Will he succeed or “flame out”? Will he — OH MY GOD HE GOT SUCKED INTO THE VCR! AND SOME GUY IS RAPPING ABOUT PROPER GRILLING TIMES! WHAT IS HAPPENING??

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