Full disclosure - I wanted to title this article 'Dumb Questions People Ask Complete Strangers On Facebook' but I didn't want anyone to be mad or upset. I don't necessairy think all of the questions below are dumb, but I do know I would not ask a Facebook page of complete strangers for a babysitter recommendations.

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I should point out - all of the questions I am referring to were posted on community Facebook pages, not individual pages. It is odd to me that people will ask a question that could clearly be answered by Google, or by an actual friend, co-worker, or family member.

Maybe the people asking these questions are new to planet earth? If that is the case - welcome and I understand now why you would ask complete strangers for a reccomdation as to where your husband and baby boy can get haircuts. It all makes perfect sense now.

I understand that community pages are indeed designed to help people - however if you have to turn to a community Facebook page for potato salad (see below) I am going to laugh. Maybe I am right about these questions being asked by aliens afterall?

Check out the questions I am referring to in the gallery below. This is all in fun, so please do not be offended or take this too seriously unless you are asking strangers to babysit your kid(s). Please stop - there are too many wackos out there.

In the future if you need any tequila recommendations, totally feel free to hit me up.

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