Pardon the pun, but Zootopia is a beast. Disney Animation’s new film held on to the number one spot at the box office for the third weekend in a row and made it look easy. Not even Allegiant, the third film in the Divergent series, could topple it. Could the film end up pulling Frozen numbers? Maybe. Possibly. We’ll have to see how strong it stands in the face of a couple of superheroes.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Zootopia$38,042,000 (-25.9)$9,609$201,807,497
3Miracles From Heaven$15,000,000$4,923$18,557,053
410 Cloverfield Lane$12,500,000 (-49.4)$3,648$45,176,639
5Deadpool$8,000,000 (-26.9)
6London Has Fallen$6,894,000 (-36.4)$2,290$50,089,820
7Whiskey Tango Foxtrot$2,805,000 (-39.9)$1,349$19,275,840
8The Perfect Match$1,900,000 (-55.8)$2,054$7,306,179
9The Brothers Grimsby$1,400,000 (-57.0)$626$5,912,670
10The Revenant$1,225,000 (-40.4)$1,310$181,161,538


Zootopia grossed $38 million over the weekend, brining its current domestic gross to $200 million. With a drop of only 25 percent, it really looks like the film is digging in its heels for the long haul. Audiences like it as much as the critics did, which means they like is a whole lot. It certainly won’t be number one next weekend (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will see to that), but the film has showcased such strong legs that it should be perfectly fine. Expect it to break $300 million within the next few weeks. And then, we sit back and wait to see if it can make $400 million happen. In either case, the film is already an enormous hit and the worldwide grosses have made it one of the most successful non-sequels of all time.

However, Zootopia’s victory has meant Allegiant’s defeat. The third film in the Divergent series opened to only $29 million, a significant drop from the $54 million and $52 million openings of the first two films. To make things even hairier, both of those previous films had poor legs, grossing $150 million and $130 million apiece when all was said and done. With a smaller opening and waning interest in the series as a whole, Allegiant is going to struggle to get to $100 million. And what does this mean for the planned fourth film in the series? Things are particularly grim since that big superhero showdown is right around the corner…

The third new release of the week, Miracles From Heaven, landed comfortably in third place with $18 million, which is a strong opening for a faith-based drama like this. It won’t do huge numbers, but it’ll turn a tidy profit and play straight to its audience. In the end, it’ll be more successful than Allegiant.

In fourth place, 10 Cloverfield Lane took a steep (and expected) 49 percent drop and brought home $12 million, but the film is already a success. With a gross of $45 million against a tiny budget, the film is already very profitable and every penny earned after this will just be more profit. Yep, J.J. Abrams’ attempt to transform the Cloverfield name into an anthology series is officially a success.

Speaking of success, Deadpool dropped a tiny 26 percent and grossed $8 million, bringing its current total to $340 million. Batman v Superman will stop it in its tracks this weekend, but it has set a high bar for any 2016 superhero movie. The success of this film remains astonishing.

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