Los Alamos, New Mexico tops a recent list compiled by Phoenix Marketing International that ranked the US cities where the most millionaires are found.

The report, published in the November edition of Kiplinger, found there are 885 millionaire households among Los Alamos’ 18,000 residents, giving the northern New Mexico city that’s home to a government nuclear weapons laboratory and a number of well-paid chemists, engineers and physicists an 11.7 percent concentration of millionaires.

Naples, Florida and Bridgeport, Connecticut rank second and third, with Washington, DC and San Jose, California rounding out the top five.

If you want to rub elbows with the fabulously wealthy, here are the 10 cities where you’re most likely to find them:

1. Los Alamos, New Mexico — 11.7 percent millionaires

2. Naples, Florida — 9.1 percent millionaires

3. Bridgeport, Connecticut — 8.8 percent millionaires

4. Washington, DC — 8.5 percent millionaires

5. San Jose, California — 8.1 percent millionaires

6. Easton, Maryland — 7.9 percent millionaires

7. Oxnard, California — 7.8 percent millionaires

8. Juneau, Alaska — 7.6 percent millionaires

9. Honolulu, Hawaii — 7.6 percent millionaires

10. San Francisco, California — 7.5 percent millionaires


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