Behold, ladies and germs - the power of social media, whether you like it or not.

Social media takes the blame for a lot of negative stuff, so why not focus on the GOOD it can accomplish?

Michael Karpinski opened Pops Sweets & Treats in Mount Clemens a few years back to honor his father. Unforutantely, the business has been struggling to bring in customers. That's when Michael's daughter, Emma, decided to take her plea to the internet.

Her tweet read:
my dad has been an owner of a candy store for 3 yrs now. he opened it in my grandfathers memory. he gets sad bc lack of customers n tries so hard to come up w new ideas. i think if more ppl knew about him he could attract more customers!!! located in mt clemens

It was retweeted more than 71,000 times and within days, the store was overflowing with customers. They actually ran out of some of their products because of the surge in business.

Customers have come from as far away as Pennsylvania to pick up some goodies. Good goin', Emma!

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