Things went from bad to worse for Tigers fans as the news that Michael Fulmer would most likely need Tommy John surgery.

This year was already going to be a struggle for the Tigers, but losing one of their best pitchers isn't going to help at all. The news came after Fulmer had to get an MRI this week, that was backed up by renowned surgeon Dr. James Andrews. The Tigers announced on Twitter that they would be seeking a third opinion.

Fulmer has won Rookie of the Year honors, along with being an all star a few years ago. Last year his season was cut short due to a knee injury, and now this. The response from fans has been . . . well, this one pretty much sums it up.

Tommy John surgery is far from a career ender, but it will most likely mark the end of his run with the Tigers. Fulmer has elite stuff in him, but the Tigers are in rebuilding mode, and losing him for an entire season will most likely lead to him being traded or released.

I hope the Tigers are able to hold on to him because he has such a great upside, and seems like a great guy too. Only time will tell what will happen for Fulmer and Detroit.

Opening day is only about a week away, and tickets are on sale now.


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