Maybe you inherited a set of Pyrex mixing bowls or had one handed down to you. Wouldn't it be nice if it was worth a bundle?

Hold on, it's probably not.

A couple in Florida who sells estate items for clients discovered a rare find - a set of Pyrex mixing bowls that is worth thousands of dollars.

The reason? A unique pattern.

The set of four mixing bowls is painted with a white daisy pattern. It's said to be one of the rarest patterns ever made. Experts say the bowls were probably manufactured in the 1950s or 1960s.

Sheila Pardee, whose sister owns the bowls, tells Fox 13 that things like this don't usually happen to her family.

"Oh man, it's gonna make a big difference in our lives. Bowls," she joked.

The auction on eBay ends Friday (11/1) at 9:55 am. Bids are currently approaching $9,000.

Did this story bring back any fond memories for you? Coincidentally, my mom would have been 91 today. She gave me a set of Pyrex bowls when I moved out on my own many, many years ago.

I just checked. Not the same pattern.

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